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Man, I remember this stupid shit, used 2 b everywhere on Newgrounds, lol. 20 years pass by fast as fuck. Kinda wanna play tha game, now

I resonate w/ tha soda part, but I woulda resonated w/ tha senior year party had my ass actually went, lol

This one had me laughin a bit, great job on tha animation, would not wanna mess with this foo. Turn me into paste jus for sayin hi to his ma

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Had to look what this is a remix off lol, this is an unique take on that tune, whoever's spittin on this flows pretty nice to this

This is givin me that NES cutscene type of feelin, maybe like a trippy intro of some kind.

Daamn, once that beat stepped in, n that precussion was partnerin w/ it...this hella nice. Like lookin out into tha cold inside ur warm home. Good 2 hear u recoverin now. Gonna listen to nycto's work too, later on

BojangIes responds:

nice man,

yea i like your words on the vibe.

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I always wanted to a drawin similar to this, n u did a stellar job of this "back-to-back" type of drawing! It's coo seein the subtleties in each of em w/ king's diverse expressions

This is still tough af! Can just feel the passion n effort u poured into this piece, real dope

Love ur fun designs coolbread, love the loud color scheme, hope u have time in makin ur comic!

i really aint shit, in all honesty

slow dumbass

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